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Clean Face = Happy Eyes!

You may be surprised but this topic comes up a lot in our routine eye exams.

Don't forget - Anything EYES is our domain and our goal is to promote better eye health.

So, we've compiled some friendly reminders for you:

  1. Keep your hands clean and try to avoid touching your face (even more so now with mask wearing)

  2. Washing your face twice a day with a gentle face cleanser will help you get rid of the excess oils, dirt, debris and whatever other yucky stuff that our skin is exposed to over the course of the day

  3. Applying a moisturizing cream and sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent dryness and also combat ultraviolet (UV) damage which is known to cause premature wrinkles, skin lumps and bumps

  4. Always go to bed with a clean face. Make sure to carefully remove ALL your makeup particularly eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. They don't look pretty on the eye surface when left behind. Use a dedicated makeup remover and gently wipe away in a motion from your nose towards your ear.

  5. When left on or near the eye these products can lead to eye irritation, redness, crusting, clogging of your eyelid glands and dry eye symptoms.

  6. Last but not least, don't forget to change your face towels and pillow cases often.


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