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We have added the latest in diagnostic technology to offer our patients relief from dry eye disease. Dry eye affects approximately 20-30% of Canadians who may experience it as minor irritation to more debilitating pain or discomfort from chronic inflammation. 

What is dry eye?
Dry eye is caused by an imbalance of the tear film which is the protective layer that spreads over your eye surface with each blink keeping they eye's surface smooth and clear
It provides nutrients and also is the first focusing point for light entering the eye to help with good vision

The tear film is made of three layers which each serve a purpose:

  • An oily layer - the outside layer which responsible for preventing your tears from drying up too quickly

  • A watery layer - the middle layer which cleans and removes foreign particles, and provides the eye with nutrients

  • A mucus layer - the inner layer which spreads the watery layer and keeps our tears against the eye surface 

If there is any disruption or imbalance of any of these layers dry eye symptoms may result

What are some symptoms of dry eye?

  • A scratchy feeling, foreign body sensation

  • Stinging or burning

  • Blurry vision

  • Tired eyes

  • Red eyes

  • Itching

  • Watery eyes or excessive tearing 

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Eyelid crusting upon awakening

  • Contact lens discomfort 

How is dry eye treated?
During our Dry Eye Assessment we complete a series of tests to carefully examine the ocular surface with specific diagnostic equipment to determine which areas of the tear film are imbalanced or not performing properly. After the assessment we will develop an initial customized treatment plan to address the root cause of your dry eye and solutions so that you can obtain relief, leaving you with comfortable, healthier eyes. 


This treatment plan may include:

  • At home treatments for lid hygiene

  • Selected eye drops or prescription eye drops

  • Supplements

  • TempSure Envi radio frequency in office treatment - an effective way to unclog blocked oil glands which targets one the main causes of dry eye

  • A combination of these strategies

If you think you may be suffering from dry eyes contact our office at (705) 722-8548 or book a dry eye consultation* online with our optometrist.

*We strongly recommend that you have had a recent complete eye examination prior to a Dry Eye Assessment

Here is great resource for patients for more information on dry eye disease       https://mydryeye.ca/


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