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Let Us Give Your Eyes The Care They Deserve

We offer a wide range of eye care and wellness and services from eye exams, to styling you in your next pair of eye wear, to dry eye therapy and facial aesthetics at our on-site med spa.

 Our optical gallery which features a great selection of glasses and sunglasses for every style and budget. 
Our patients will attest that this is not your average eye exam.

Our comprehensive exam includes a thorough medical history, assessment of vision, binocular vision function and  external and internal ocular health assessment. We utilize advanced diagnostic technology to assist in providing quality eye care. We also focus on educating our patients and discussing preventative strategies to manage in between routine exams


Eye exams for the entire family

Ages 6 months and older

We'll help you see and look your best.
Our optical gallery features a wide range of stylish frames and quality eye wear brands

Contact lens exams, new fits and different brands of lenses

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Blue eye on grey background
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Suffering from dry or irritated eyes?

Our dry eye clinic has clinically proven therapies to help provide relief.

Self-referrals accepted

TRANQUILITY is our on-site spa offering medical aesthetics and skincare  services. Tempsure Envi skin tightening, IPL photofacials, microdermabrasion and more

Book your free skin consultation!

Alternative vision correction options are available: LASIK, PRK and RLE
We provide consults and are trained in pre- and post-operative care

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We try our best to accommodate eye emergencies on the same day. 

These include sudden vision loss, flashes of light or floaters, double vision


It's Back to Shhh...

September 4, 2022

School is just around the corner!

If your little one has never had an eye exam, or it's been over a year, now is the time to schedule it! It's not just a back to school task.

Children should have yearly eye exams to assess their vision, focusing skills & eye health. This will set them up for success for learning in school.

Did you know? 80% of learning is through the eyes (visual pathways)

OHIP covers eye exams for children 19 and under, once a year.

Our experienced staff will also help your child with proper lenses for their needs - fun colourful styles, sturdy frames and lenses, blue light filter, transitions lenses, UV protection and more

Schedule your child's next eye exam today



TRANQUILITY medical spa  - Love Your Skin!

Check out the new website for TRANQUILITY, our onsite spa

 Our medical aesthetician will help you achieve your skin care goals with her years of experience in the field. Treat and restore your skin with our services, which includes targeted facials, IPL photofacials, Tempsure Envi Skin tightening, microdermabrasion.

Call to book your complimentary consultation - 705-719-1116

Looking for medical grade products? We are an authorized VIVIER retailer. Order online or in person.





Come and SEE us!

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Phone: 705-722-8548


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